1. avatar nialljcr
    Looking to get a fairly basic tattoo done but was mostly wondering if anybody has tried the new Newry Ink shop in...well, in Newry? I've heard Chris Crooks in Belfast is great but would rather go somewhere closer to home if possible cos i'm a lazy bugger. They have a sister shop in Lurgan so even if anybody has had something done there by Andre or Brian are they any good or what?
  2. avatar The Fires of Hell
    They're ok. I got this done there recently:

  3. avatar Maggotmoore
    Did you also have a sex change CT!?
  4. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Ah the good ole Earth Crisis face tattoo.
  5. avatar Orzo

    Got this done last Thursday at Skinworks: www.tommygunns.co.uk
    33a Queen St

    Friendly, good service, very happy with result.
  6. avatar Durty Rocker
    Looks like something you would get in a bazooka joe

    Andres at Newry Ink's work can be seen here....

  7. avatar The enfant terrible
    Hey Orzo what's with the nordic nazi symbol? Didn't you know?
  8. avatar Orzo
    It's a symbol that appeared on Guided By Voices 'Mag Earwhig' album. Nothing sinister about it.
  9. avatar The enfant terrible
    Guided by Voices? Aye, Hitlers.
  10. avatar blonderedhead
    Ah so it isn't a spar logo from the 80's then
  11. avatar Jmo
    if you turn your head to the right, it kind of looks like a dorito being kicked through an American football post
  12. avatar thepostboxtheory

    'Dorito getting kicked through an american football post'

    That made me laugh. :D
  13. avatar Deestroyer
    Or turn to the left and it's a Dorito in a Crazy Prices parking space.

    (American football post is better though... :( )
  14. avatar isis
    I got a ralph steadman illustration of hunter s thompson by Jim at Belfast city skin works and the fine detail on it is ruddy awesome. Canadian Shane from skin works is very good as well
  15. avatar fletch_belfast
    It's an upside-down vagina (see "Furmuda Triangle") and a tuning fork.
  16. avatar Scarboy
    [quote:7645819729="isis"]I got a ralph steadman illustration of hunter s thompson by Jim at Belfast city skin works and the fine detail on it is ruddy awesome. Canadian Shane from skin works is very good as well[/quote:7645819729]

    Jim did my first tattoo just over a week ago and is a great tattooist and a lovely guy too! Keith did my second 2 days ag and is just the same, a fantastic tattoo artist and a great guy to chat to whilst getting it done.
  17. avatar musicman81
    I have 8 tatoos and all have been done in skinworks and all are done very well would not go anywhere else. On one arm I have the Reaper on his throne on my upper arm which was done by George a few years ago then on same arm Jim did a cool design with plenty of detail. Steve from Australia did me a Tarantula (which detail is second to none) On my other arm I have hammer and sickle which was scanned of an original 1918 Soviet note and on same arm hqve Tiger and also an old style microphone with musical notes around it and Oasis through it (Threads about the tats not the band before you all start lol) and on my legs I have one of a skeleton with long hair playing a les paul which was done by rumper from new zealand and also have che Guevara on my right calf. Woth the trip to Belfast to check out skinworks once you do you wont go anywhere else
  18. avatar supersonicsolos
    does nobody go d tubbs ne more lol
  19. avatar The Ronster
    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the least intelligible sentence of Fastfude '09.
  20. avatar marr-is-god
  21. avatar Deestroyer
    [quote:11811960ec="supersonicsolos"]does nobody go d tubbs ne more lol[/quote:11811960ec]

    Don't worry Ron, I speak fluent Culchie, give me a minute to translate...

    Does anyone go to Tubbs anymore? Ha Ha!!

    I assume Tubbs is a noun but I'm not sure what it means. It didn't come up during my Culchie vocabulary classes, but I'm sure it's hilarious...
  22. avatar Aeorta
    [quote:ba80fb07f6="Yahoo Answers"]for cheap tattoos go to a tattoo party but please stay away from a guy names Tubbs ( unless you want butchered ) he is complete crap and doesn't do the job properly. [/quote:ba80fb07f6]
  23. avatar whipchorus
    He hasn't been the same since he fell out with Crockett.