1. avatar Andrew
    It's not rock 'n' roll but anyone into garden birds may find this interesting:

  2. avatar tenrabbits
    [quote:cd327bdaf7="Andrew"]I love birds[/quote:cd327bdaf7]

    Don't we all mate. Especially tits. I love them little blighters.

    [quote:cd327bdaf7="Andrew"]I'm no expert... I've noted 18 different species[/quote:cd327bdaf7]

    That makes you an expert in my estimation - good work fella!
  3. avatar I'mDead
    Well done Dr J, you feather brained coot.
  4. avatar nonlogic liam
    Well done. You big hippy...
  5. avatar Cheeses Christ
    In this context, it's surprising that you don't like Counting Crows.
  6. avatar Andrew
    I like counting crows, just not Counting Crows.