1. avatar The Flora, the Fauna
    My first post!

    Hey, we are playing a show with the lovely Heliopause! You (and everyone you know) should come and check us out!


  2. avatar The Flora, the Fauna
    Stage times:

    H-pause on at 10
    F+F on at 11

    so get on down(!)
  3. avatar drive by fader
    Anyone disappointed by the the lack of Future of the Left action may want to head to the Pavilion instead to see two bands that sound absolutely nothing like FOTL.

    It'll be bloody good.
  4. avatar Deestroyer
    I'll try and make it down to catch some Heliopause, but can't stay!
  5. avatar Nocarsgo
    I love Heliopause long time. Wish I could make it down to the gig. The new single isn't bad either. :D
  6. avatar chrisjedijane
    This is tonight! Woop!