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    Is this already posted somewhere? I cannae find it...

    This Friday at [b:1923a8adf0]Common Grounds cafe in University Avenue[/b:1923a8adf0]:

    The fabulous [b:1923a8adf0]Tanya Strowger[/b:1923a8adf0] is back with us in Common Grounds this Friday. She cites her influences as including Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Eddi Reader, Alanis Morissette and David Gray! Originally from Cornwall, we are really pleased she's in Belfast now!

    Check her out at

    [b:1923a8adf0]Alan Kennedy[/b:1923a8adf0] is a first timer at Common Grounds but we are really impressed by the stuff he has recorded so far. Hopefully he'll become one of our regulars in time!


    Music starts at 8pm.

    Donations to CESESMA.[/b:1923a8adf0]