1. avatar izzys_return
    www.basementsound.co.uk friday nights radio show will run as follows.

    Swanee River - Cold

    Dog As A Devil (Ridgeback) - Back Stabber

    Saving One - A Distance Apart

    Trucker Diablo - Black And Blue

    Assassinate - Machine

    I Am Bodhi - Miles & Motion

    Dedlok - Why?

    Swanee River - Baby Try To Be Cool

    Aceldama - The Last Time

    Bleeding Saints - Saviour Self

    Blind Eye Fury - Trainwreck

    Weak13 - When ou Say When

    Storming Eve - Sands Of Time

    Punished Earth - Dissociative Awareness

    Lizette & - This Is

    Crow - Regret Is Death

    Allegaeon - The Weeds Will Prosper

    Black City Sanctuary - Eugenius

    Rabbit Junk - Blood

    Warpath - Damnation

    Stone Crow - Frequency

    Mongrel - I Refuse

    Swanee River - Baby Better Lady

    Any Comments are welcome!