1. avatar parasite
    My first post!
    We live in Carnmoney/Glengormley but have very easy access to the centre Belfast and I can get a place to practise in Belfast easily. We would need like a singer, second guitar player and bass player..(or drummer, depends)

    We've been playing for about 7/8 years each and have written about 4/5 full songs ourselves. We're influenced by bands like Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone, Kiss, Guns n Roses, WASP, Saxon etc..hard rock i guess
    I've played drums and guitar/bass all for the same amount of time so that's why i put both there... Sure, let me know..
  2. avatar parasite
    Oh yea apologies, forgot, we're 17/18
  3. avatar evo62=metal
    ill join if u want cos i am good at guitar but the catch is that im only 14 but i look about 16 if that helps.
    rock on guys
    ill post my general message below 4u guys below.
    contact me at www.cevans62@hotmail.com
  4. avatar evo62=metal
    Hey, I've been playing guitar for about 2years now and I'm 14 and I'm urgently looking to be in a band or start one as I love metal so much, I love Iron Maiden, Trivium, King Diamond, Metallica, Devil Driver, GNR, Dragonforce, Dream Theatre, the early works of Avenged Sevenfold, ACDC etc I just love metal!
    I have all my own gear, i.e. marshall amp nd pedals nd ibanez, i play exotic scales good at rythm and i can pull off some awesome tapping solos and i use a lot of palm muting in my playing style, so please leave me a pm or add me on msn at www.cevans62@hotmail.com to chat about forming a band/me joining urs my name is Carl Evans, transport shouldn't e an issue.
    If u are intersted in the 1st option (helping me form a band) id b thib=nking along the lines of DemonAxe or Scarlet Blades or something as a name.
    Please drop me a pm if you can find the time thnx
  5. avatar parasite
    ..But aye we're still desperate like
  6. avatar KarKing Jack
    My first post!
    Hey, I'm a guitarist, although I can play bass (just dont own one, you know?) -- I'm into the likes of Saxon and WASP, too, although for the most part I'm a 1970s Glam Rocker. I've been playing guitar for coming close to two years, and I mostly write my own stuff, but I do covers, too. :D

    Email me at KarKingJack@Live.co.uk if yaz like!

    If you'se would rather join a band, I've got a band going at the moment which is just a guitarist, a singer and a bassist. So another guitarist and a drummer would be good...? We havent met up yet due to various circumstances, so its still plenty fresh.

    What do you think?
  7. avatar MattJordan.
    Hey man, Im a bass player but also have a good tone on me aswell so wouldn't mind singing and playing at the same time. I have a friend who is part of my 3 man band who is killer on guitar and we're 17, if you wouldn't mind meeting up some time to jam in Belfast that would be cool. We are from Crumlin but have easy access to Belfast on the weekends. Get back to me as soon as possible mate.

  8. avatar moonchild
    pmd u
  9. avatar ryan-92
    "about 7/8 years each and have written about 4/5 full songs ourselves"

    Thats a fucking abysmal rate... Album ready in another 7/8 years then?
    Haha no I'm only joking - best of luck anyways