1. avatar the_doctor199
    Chris Cornell playing The Olympia Theatre, Dublin on June 14 2009. Tickets priced from 44.20 including booking fee will go on sale this Friday at 9.00am.
  2. avatar clivemcl
    Can't say i've listened to Chris Cornell in a solo capacity, only Audioslave. any good?
  3. avatar the_doctor199
    [quote:93b2621c57="clivemcl"]Can't say i've listened to Chris Cornell in a solo capacity, only Audioslave. any good?[/quote:93b2621c57]

    Very good, his latest album isnt all that great. His most famous solo effort was probably the soundtrack for 007 Casino Royale - You know my name


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  4. avatar Team Horse
    What a voice. What a pile of shit new album to waste it on.

    Reform Soundgarden you twonk and quit farting about. :lol:

    Mind you, some of the tracks on his first solo album are excellent twisty melodic tunes, but the new stuff...no thanks. :(
  5. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Was Euphoria Morning his first solo album? There's a coupla good songs on it but everything I've heard of him since, including Audioslave stuff has been whack. Stop having a whack attack Christopher. Reform Soundgarden and make an album of "4th of July" type songs.
  6. avatar Team Horse
    Yeah, that was it, it had some quite psychedelic weird chord change type tunes (Moonflower, Can't Change Me). Then there was "Carry On" which had the aforementioned Bond tune and not much else. The new one is produced by Timbaland and is very bad cack handed r n b style wankfest.
  7. avatar adamb1026
    His newest album produced by Timbaland. That guy just likes to get around doesnt he? Making medicore music into piles of shite.

    God that is an awful album.