1. avatar clivemcl
    I'm nothing to do with this, but just thought it was worth a topic because I'm not sure how many people are actually aware of this top quality production.

    They have a video channel on Mevio : [url]http://kickoutthejams.mevio.com/[/url]

    They are now working along with AU, and videos also available on [url]http://iheartau.com/autv/[/url]
  2. avatar JTM
    I was very impressed with KOTJ on NVTV when I lived in Belfast. Simple but very effective.
  3. avatar feline1
    So they threw the jam out of the pantry into the street and had marmalade instead?
  4. avatar SweetDickWilly
    KOTJ is brilliant, I chanced upon it a few years ago watching TV in my folks house. It lets the music speak for itself. Long may it run!