1. avatar thunderchild
    I have a kind of love/hate relationship with modeling guitar processors. I run 2 rigs; a back-to-basics Marshall valve head + cab with a Wylde wah up front and a G-Major in the fx loop - this is my classic rock rig. My other rig is a Vox Tonelab LE running into the fx return on a Marshall AVT150 - my wedding & functions rig.
    I am mightily pleased with the TL and I use it to get a wide range of tones required for the set we play. I have the speaker simulator switched off on the TL since it's running through the power/speaker stage of the AVT.
    What I would really prefer is to run the TL into something other than the AVT so that I can use the full modeling on the TL and reproduce the exact sound live that I set up through headphones at home.
    I've read of people using keyboard amps or powered monitors with modelers. Anybody any experience of running this setup live?