1. avatar Nero182
    Found this on ticketmaster! Any idea who is putting this on?

  2. avatar danjcorbett
    Holy cow!

    When do the tickets go on sale?
  3. avatar Enixs
    Seen em at Taste of Chaos in London.

    Defo going to this!
  4. avatar Scarboy
    [quote:015defbff8="danjcorbett"]Holy cow!

    When do the tickets go on sale?[/quote:015defbff8]

    Dublins tix are onsale on friday so id say then.
    Though there hasnt been an offical date given yet!
  5. avatar Nero182
    Wow didn't think Taking Back Sunday would go down well on here :lol:!

    This year has being amazing for Belfast gig wise keep it up! :-D
  6. avatar Enixs
    Theres always room for Taking Back Sunday.
    Its like desert... :lol:
  7. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
  8. avatar adamb1026
  9. avatar TRHolmes(y)
  10. avatar SITH_creations
    tickets not on sale yet...or is this sold out??? or ticketmaster being sh1t just?
  11. avatar clivemcl
    I am definatly going to this!
  12. avatar isis
    I haven't heard of these guys, what are they like? everyone sounds so excited!
  13. avatar Nero182
    I dont think the tickets have went on sale yet :?!

    If you wanna check them out go to their myspace - http://www.myspace.com/takingbacksunday - :-)
  14. avatar clivemcl
    the dublin tickets go on sale on friday, so im guessin the belfast gig wont be far behind...
  15. avatar The Limelight
    tickets on sale Friday...
  16. avatar NumberBlack
    This could be intresting.

    18+? I'd say a right lot of underagers would be interested in this.
  17. avatar glitxysadie
    ah man i cant believe this,i'm going for sure!! i used to love this band so much,not so much these days but for old times sake as i always wanted to see them!! quality!!
  18. avatar Siouxsie Tremolo

    I'm so excited! I didnt get to see them back in the day, this is going to to so great!

  19. avatar Gogs
    My inner emo kid is shedding a tear in excitement about this. And yknow, also cos he's an emo.

  20. avatar martymccanny
    caught these huys in dublin a few years back with alexisonfire underoath and a few others!! they put on a well good show! would love to catch them again !!!!
  21. avatar thepostboxtheory
  22. avatar danjcorbett

    Two tickets purchased.
  23. avatar ryanego
    Was nice of you to get me a ticket Dan, I never even asked!
  24. avatar Siouxsie Tremolo
    [quote:45686c86a8]This will probably be one of those gigs where you can't actually hear them playing because there is a load of screaming girls at the front.

    Front and centre! Even though I'm definitely old enough to know better.
  25. avatar The_Martyr
    Cute Without the E (Cut From The Team) was a stalwart of all the parties of my 6th form years, I can't wait.
  26. avatar The Limelight
    Confirmed Support:

    TWIN ATLANTIC ( Main Support)

    THE DEMISE (opening)