1. avatar blacklabel
    I'm selling a lot of my gear as I've lost interest in playing recently and hate to see all the gear sitting not being used.

    Marshall vintage modern 50W half stack. Gigged and with a few scratches but works perfectly and sounds great.

    Dime lightening bolt guitar with bareknuckle miracleman pickup. Great condition, just a mark on the bottom on one of the wings. Comes with hardcase and can throw in the original dimebucker.

    BC Rich warlock with speedloader and spare strings. It's been gigged heavily and has a few marks and chips. Plays brilliantly though and is a joy to play.

    Effects pedals include:

    MXR phaser [color=red:8f08e14c81]Sold[/color:8f08e14c81]
    Zakk Wylde Wah
    Zakk Wylde Overdrive
    Boss CH5 chorus [color=red:8f08e14c81]Sold[/color:8f08e14c81]
    MXR EQ pedal
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  2. avatar scumbag
    .................and your asking prices are what ?
  3. avatar blacklabel
    I'm open to sensible offers
  4. avatar blacklabel
    would be willing to trade the guitars for a les paul or a strat
  5. avatar DHunter
    Alrite m8, is it a 6 or 10 band mxr eq pedal?? cheers Dale