1. avatar BBC Blast Northern Irelan
    My first post!
    [color=darkred:20bcefb84f]If you are between 13-24 get down to writers square tomorrow (6 May) before 2.00 and get made into a Zombie. Then get filmed by George Clarke, director of Battle of the Bone.[/color:20bcefb84f]
  2. avatar miss-jesi
    Argh my language oral exam starts at 2!

    I've always wanted to be a zombie and all! :lol:
  3. avatar fatboy
    hey aint ya seen shaun of the dead or wot!?why the age limit?are zombies only young?dont u know that us oldies,as we age start to resemble zombies naturally!Jeez, catch me in the morning an il fekkin scare ya alright....me missus?lets just not go there!
    could save u lot a fortune in make up.....
    think about it...damn the beeb!
    PS:i dont have a tv license so up yours!ageist gits!
  4. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    To enter, send me your parent's brains. Or write "Parents' brains" on a three by five card, and send it to...
  5. avatar palrub
    this could be fun.. so long as there's no god-awful martial arts :roll:
  6. avatar TripleHaction
    i feel like a zombie in work here today like...got no sleep lastnight at all hardly

    i think i have a sleeping disorder lol
  7. avatar himynameissween
    i would have went for this, but seeing as its the guy who made battle of the bone i decided not to.