1. avatar Durty Rocker
    Went to see him on Sunday, amazingly talented and has a world class set of pipes...Not normally the type of music I would listen to but Foy can write a tune or three....
  2. avatar joe-bangles
    Agreed. The 1st time I heard of Foy was a few years ago when he supprted Taj Mahal in Dublin. I'd never heard of him but was totally taken after that gig - skinny white boys don't usually come with voices like that! And a great guitar player to boot.
  3. avatar diabolikal616
    Totally agree with you guys! Foy was amazing on Sunday night as were the Lowly Knights!
  4. avatar Nocarsgo
    Completely and utterly stole the show at the BBC ATL gig.
  5. avatar Durty Rocker
    I got to hear Gabriel and the Vagabond which blew me away and Be the song which mentioned before stole the show at the Ulster Hall. I couldn't get into the Lowly Knights im afraid the whole walton folk choir wasn't ringing my bell, tight unit all the same but just don't get the hype...did I mention it was effin boilin'
  6. avatar adamb1026
    Saw Foy last year at the mandela hall on exactly the same date i think (4th may 08) and he was fantastic, amazing voice.

    Pretty funny when everyone was 'shooshing' and some guy beside me shouted 'Its not a fucking library!'.

    classic :)