1. avatar Ron
  2. avatar thesacredhearts
    for my microkorg, laptop, soundcard and nanopad im using my large rockcase pedal board for guitar.

    only the microkorg and cables go in it in transit and the microkorg is held in place with velcro. seems to work alright for me.

    then when i take the base out i can put it on a keys stand and put the computer, microkorg/controller etc on the base. Its pretty stable.

    pedal board should cost around 60 quid new if you shop around.
  3. avatar rl-vl
    while on the subject of cases, does anyone know anyone who makes custom flight cases?
  4. avatar Ron
    Aye that's what I was thinking of doing. I'm getting a bit tired of carrying an extra bag with laptop and soundcard in too so that set up your chatting about would be far better than what I'm doing now.

    Cheers man!
  5. avatar thesacredhearts
    Well i'd still stick my laptop in its bag just in case it came away from the velcro!

    We have that big loom di box that we use, which has a laptop compartment, and you could fix in the soundcard too with a bit of diy. might be a bit more reinforced?

    Sure take a look on sat. deci is currently using a small pedal board for the microkorg, so that might work? think its only 25 bills too.
  6. avatar greensleevesisgod
    I got a flight case for my hammond from flightcase warehouse (google it) give them specs and they will make it. Got mine for about 160 or something so not overly expensive. Just wish I had of got wheels put on now...

    on the matter of gator cases, last time I saw them on ebay they were going for less than 40 quid. that was for Microns and microkorgs.
  7. avatar Ron
    Aye the Gator cases for the Micron and the Microkorg are pretty handy for travelling with. It's just unfortunate it's that wee bit too small for what I've got.

    Yeah sure I'll have a gander on Sat and see what the craic is.

    I'll check out flightcase warehouse too. Cheers guys.
  8. avatar feline1
    last time I got a keyboard gig bag for a midi controller I got it from http://www.thomann.de