1. avatar Desus

    Radar presents[/size:51d5cb698b]

    [size=24:51d5cb698b]R.S.A.G (Rarely Seen Above Ground)

    Clown Parlour


    Speakeasy, QUBSU
    Thursday 7th May
    Doors 9pm
    Adm: FREE
    Non Students Welcome

  2. avatar Desus
    Clown Parlour have confirmed this as a full band show.
  3. avatar Amz
    Ach dang. i can't make this gig. Seen RSAG the other week, but it's Clown Parlour I really wanna catch and never do! Booo!
  4. avatar Desus
    Stage times are as follows

    Doors 9pm
    Elspeth 10.15pm
    Clown Parlour 11.00pm
    R.S.A.G 11.45pm
  5. avatar PocketPromise
    Clown Parlour were (as expected) brilliant last night...
  6. avatar Desus
    Clown Parlour are probably the most underrated act knocking about at the minute on the local scene.
  7. avatar comprachio
    nevermind underrated act, they're one of the best local acts!

    Really interesting live show and mickey has great presence.