1. avatar himynameissween
    and it's gone!
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  2. avatar thesacredhearts
    you'd be doing well to get 20 quid for that man. Given a new one costs about the same.
  3. avatar himynameissween
    i wont accept 20 seeing as i got it for over 100. maybe 40.
  4. avatar dommccann
  5. avatar himynameissween
  6. avatar tinpot anto
    Sounds like it's due to fail anytime then :-)
  7. avatar dommccann

    wee bit of controversy over seagate hard drives ;) this hard drive has NEVER failed. in 3 years of heavy usage.[/quote:22633ca4b0]

    Fantastic news...after a few minutes of checking model number and serial number etc, I can confirm that the model shown above is not the model suffering from the firmware problem. BUY BUY BUY!
  8. avatar himynameissween
    cheers to both of you.
  9. avatar dommccann
    if you're looking to raise funds, electronic equipment (computer based stuff in particular) depreciates so badly! 3 years down the line and you're still lookin 40 for it? it just doesnt make sense. 9 quid more gets ye something bigger and new.
  10. avatar Red Dawn
  11. avatar himynameissween
  12. avatar Red Dawn

    I think!! :wink:
  13. avatar dommccann
    glad i could help
  14. avatar Red Dawn
    [quote:4a3363509c="dommccann"]glad i could help[/quote:4a3363509c] :roll:

    Actually dommccann you didn't help even in the slightest.

    I hope THIS helps. :-D :wink:
  15. avatar dommccann
    i beg to differ! everyone knows that a bit of controversy and outrage is awesome at drawing attention to a subject. no publicity is bad publicity and all that! :wink: