1. avatar returnofthedogs
  2. avatar greensleevesisgod
    most likely an old persons garage or a skip
  3. avatar scumbag
    have you tried contacting Granville at Arkwright`s corner shop ?
  4. avatar spirit of division
    You could go to smithfield and check out the bike shop there - sam knows everything nike orientated. Ever.
  5. avatar fletch_belfast
    In Belfast? Dunno.

    But it looks like the kinda piece of crap bike you see chained up all around Amsterdam; and going by the current high bid on that auction, it would be cheaper to fly there, steal one, take it apart and put it in a suitcase, and fly back.
  6. avatar the_doctor199
    Try McConvey's on the Ormeau Road, they have a pretty good selection of all sorts of bikes upstairs.
  7. avatar returnofthedogs
    Cheers! very helpful! :D
  8. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    here's some accessories too if you're successful...
  9. avatar SimonC
    Chain Reaction cycles have them
  10. avatar jonnyweston
    I used to work up at CRC. The sort of Cruisers they'd be selling can be seen here


    Just as, and even more expensive than the raleigh, but better bikes all round!

  11. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Isn't there a bike workshop place which also sells bikes for cheap off the Ormeau Road (or there abouts)?
  12. avatar returnofthedogs
    accessories :lol:
  13. avatar gared
    There's a wee shop in North Street, on the right hand side if you're heading towards Royal Avenue, that sells vintage stuff. I can't remember the name of the shop but they have an old jukebox and a Chopper in the window. Might wanna try in there.
  14. avatar BookBookBook

    Not in Belfast, but there's very little chance you'll find a good one here anyway. Ads For Free is a good place to look out for old but good bikes but you have to keep your eyes peeled.
  15. avatar The Stav
    Round by The Black Box, just ask one of the kids there to get you one.
  16. avatar Agnesnitt
    Try Sam at 'I Fix Bikes' at Smithfield. He was selling retro Amsterdam style bikes imported from China not so long ago and, relative to your Raleigh there, they cost peanuts.
  17. avatar the dirty weed
    Sam in Smithfield or Austin at Lawerence Street Workshops be your best bet.
  18. avatar falldownali
    The Bike Dock on Ravenhill has a really big selection of bikes including vintage-style ones. They sell Pashley bikes - http://www.pashley.co.uk/ - which are lovely but pretty pricey. I got mine with a Cycle to Work scheme where you pay monthly and get a good bit of discount on it...might be worth a shot...
  19. avatar returnofthedogs
    cheers, spoke to Sam and Austin there gonna keep an eye out. really helpful!
  20. avatar Siouxsie Tremolo
    Oooh I have a bike very similar to this! It's in pretty bad condition at the minute (I left it outside all winter, stupid stupid girl) so thank you for reminding me to get it fixed up.
    Is that place in Smithfield the best to go to to see what the damage is?
  21. avatar 10rapid

    Apparently halfords are starting to sell these bad boys