1. avatar Lightonthehillside
    Went to Lloyd Cole gig in Black Box on Friday and was suprised to see Lloyd Cole on early . His two sets were disappointing to say the least but the night was made by the excellent St Vitus Dance. They have been off the scene for a considerable amount of time (nearly 20 years) but have re-emerged with the best local album of last year.

    Agreat band who deserve a lot better than playing support to Lloyd Cole.
  2. avatar churchwarden
    Apparently they have a couple more gigs coming up soon. I am sure other folks on fastfude will be able to post the details - good vibes show and something else?
  3. avatar Lightonthehillside
    St Vtus Dance are playing the Black Box Saturday 23rd May with Kitty and The Canopeners , Shibuya Crossings and The Minnows - part of The Time To Be Proud Festival.

    Looks a really good lineup.

    I'll be there!!!!