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    Out today on Fwonk Records, Smoke & Mirrors return with Boundaries...a 2 track single of swirling synths, twirling guitars, big beats and luscious reverb, all presented with a chilled vibe. Sit back and relax to some tricks of the ears.

    Head over to [u:4c90e4a14e][url=http://www.fwonk.com/FW022.html][u]Fwonk Records[/u:4c90e4a14e][/url][/u] to download this for FREE.

    Keep an eye out for upcoming live gigs.

    [u:4c90e4a14e][url=http://www.myspace.com/soundsofsmokeandmirrors]Smoke & Mirrors on MySpace[/url][/u:4c90e4a14e]