1. avatar Pablo33
    Hi folks,

    Have just got a custom 2x12 cab made and I'm going to attempt to wire up the speakers. The cab came with just an input socket. I'm sure it's not a difficult job, but as I'm an electrical dope I really need advice.

    First, where do I buy the wire, connectors etc from? do I need soldering skills or is it ok to use a crimping method?

    I also understand that its possible to wire them either in series or parallel - which is best, and how exactly is it done? my amp has 4,8 and 16 ohm outputs, and I have 2x8ohm speakers.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. avatar stevie j
    You can use crimping or solder. Crimping is easier when it comes to changing drivers etc.

    Just slide the wee bit on and crush it with pliers then slide it on the speaker.

    For cable, any old electrical mains leads etc you have lying about will do the trick, I usually have an abundance of kettle leads and just strip them down to the individual cores and crimp the wee connector on the ends

    Parallel and series connections will give different impedance's, parallel gives 4ohm and series gives 16ohm.

    I'd go for parallel myself, in theory it should give a wee bit more volume and distortion, but if you can hear the difference you're better than most.

    Just take the + (tip) from the connector to the + on the first speaker, then from that to the + on the second speaker. Most drivers have 2 slots for the crimp ends on each terminal.

    Do the same for the - (ring).

    Make sure you connect + to + and - to - on each speaker, otherwise they will be wired in opposite polarity and the cab will sound weak and thin due to cancellations. (All that GCSE and A level physics is actually useful :D
  3. avatar Sadoldgit
    One other tip.

    Dont use a guitar lead to connect amp to cab.

    make a speaker cable with two core electrical flex - one with decent thick copper cables , and 6.3mm standard plugs.

    You`ll get a much better sound.

    I would solder rather than crip tbh if the speakers are staying in the cab as you`ll get a better quality electrical connection.
  4. avatar stevie j

    Dont use a guitar lead to connect amp to cab.


    Good point.

    The smaller guitar wire has a higher impedance and can damage your amp.
  5. avatar Pablo33
    Thanks guys for the advice, I'll have a go at it today!