1. avatar ThePenguin
    I was looking at the Dell Outlet website - thinking about buying a laptop to use for recording - and with the miracle of Firefox I opened up several links at the same time in different tabs. When I say several, I mean 3, not 50 or 1000.

    I got this from them in 2 of the pages.


    [b:594585c0c5]You're disruptively hitting our Dell Factory Outlet web servers too fast, please slow down your incoming HTTP requests to our web servers.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    So there you go - that's their response to shoppers.
    To save you bringing their site to a complete standstill, you can check this response out at [url]http://outlet.dell.com/Emea_Dfo/EuDispatcher?country=GBR&target=InventoryPage&lob_constraint=INSP[/url]