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    bump boing etc...prob posted this too early in the day for most musos!Check it out.Ta to those who PM d me.i got back to y'all :-)

    (van will be around belfast this weekend if u wanna butchers...(im based in ballymena for those asking..ta)
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    ta,pm'd u back.anyone else pm'in me please be patient as im outta here.check messages 2moro.thanks :wink:
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    pm'd you
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    PM'd all back,many ta's :-)
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    My first post!
    Pm'd :)
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    PM's sir!
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    Ta folks,gettin back to y'all.

    PLEASE NOTE:Anyone expecting me to run round after them re:gear please jump off a cliff.im not that desperate for the money!Jeez :lol:

    Many thanks to all who bought gear,nice wee takamine u got Eamonn,have fun in greece!

    (MMM..just put an appropriate edit in here:
    Eamonn please take the nice wee takamine guitar u screwed up and insert it rectally...sideways...without lube..!!if u work in a hospital u can arrange its removal im sure!Hope u fall off a cliff in greece or get stolen by gypsies and sold into the sex trade...not to my taste but its a f**ked up world out there!...nuff said!)
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    All PMs replied to.am updating original post as stuff sells.ta for all the interest :-)

    (van can be seen in glengormley for those asking)
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    My first post!
    PM'd about the van
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    Actually, the Takamine is a piece of shit.
    Buyers please check out this thread
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    hey, is there any of this stuff left?