1. avatar Maggotmoore
    Anyone got Jigsaw yet? Feelings about it?

    Has she ever played Belfast before?

    Can see her in the Stiff Kitten for a 33min gig...
  2. avatar JTM
    It's a lot more commercial I reckon. I don't know whether you're supposed to laugh at her or not, guess it's coz I'm not from Dagenham, but she's still something else.

    Can't see it happening in Belfast, but I could be proven wrong.
  3. avatar adamb1026
    Awful person and musician, should be stopped immediatley.
  4. avatar AngelaMOK
    I caught her album launch in New York a few weeks back and thought it was awesome!

    The new album is good, there's nothing on it that hasn't been done better by MIA but all in all, it's a really enjoyable album.

    Her live show was really good and full of energy. She's an amazing show-woman, I'd love to see her in Belfast!
  5. avatar whipchorus
    She's a refreshing twist....unlike those tramps in that band...And So I Watch You From My House or whatever the f**k they're called.
  6. avatar Shane
    [quote:201be33642="AngelaMOK"]I'd love to see her in the buff, then kiss her tenderly in the night![/quote:201be33642]

    Me too!