1. avatar indieweekireland
    My first post!
  2. avatar The Fires of Hell
  3. avatar rinky
    That took a very long route to say 'Vesta Varro are on tour in July'.
  4. avatar Crackity_jones
  5. avatar isis
    Have you ever seen that episode of Family guy with the 'blow up inflatable arm waving things'....

    'music not belonging to or affiliated with a major record company WEEK Ireland'
    tee hee
  6. avatar Danny Lynch
    haaha :D
  7. avatar T Entertainment
    It's the filter that won't stop giving.
  8. avatar Nocarsgo
    I didn't actually think there was a filter until this post. I just thought you guys were actually typing indie in place of the offending word. :-D
  9. avatar indieweekireland