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    My first post!
    Im looking for serious minded musicians to write some epic melodic death/black metal, similar to what i was doing with my old band, Sorrowfall, on the "Prayers of The Faithless" album

    For an example visit this site and listen to "The Forest" :


    Ive had plenty of studio and touring experiance, and would like interested musicians to have at least some experiance in both.

    So, im searching for

    2 Guitar players and a Drummer

    Age 18 and up

    I dont mind where you are based as long as you are available to travel to belfast for regular writing/ practice.

    My biggest influences at the moment are:
    Iron Maiden, Bathory, Ereb Altor, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Akercocke, Emperor

    If you are interested please feel free to PM me or e mail me @ Filther@hotmail.com

    Time wasters need not boil my head