1. avatar Crackity_jones
    !!! are playing Whelan's on Wednesday July 8 - any plans to bring them up here? I've seen them at TBMC (now Button Factory) and The Village down there and they were stunning both times. Electric Picnic as well. I'd love to be able to see them again without having to make the trek down on a weeknight.
  2. avatar Turks
    Made an enquiry about this - didn't like our offer
  3. avatar Crackity_jones
    Ah, that sucks. At least someone tried.
  4. avatar thebatgranny
    How exactly do you say that band name? Is it "Four Exclamation Marks" or do you just make a gasping noise?

    "I really like the new *gasp!* album don't you?" or
    "I really like the new Four Exclamation Marks album don't you?"
  5. avatar pennydistribution
    that'd be *chk chk chk* then.

    sorry they'll not be up our way :(
  6. avatar j0j0
    ah brilliant! I thought they broke up... I'll try to make it down to this, Belfast would be better though.
  7. avatar mrginger
    seen these guys a few times and I always used to tell people that this is what nightversions was trying to be... superb band.