1. avatar Bones
    I have a peavey valve king head. Recently there's been a really loud fuzzy buzz coming from it even when the volume is completely down and nothing plugged into the input. It's definitely not the speaker cable. Anyone have any ideas for a quick fix? Do the tubes need replaced? I don't have any other problems besides this buzz.
  2. avatar Sadoldgit
    First of all check all leads in and out - use a different guitar lead or two as it isnt unheard of to have two or three buggered leads , but blame it on the amp.

    Check your impedance output matches your speakers .

    If all that`s fine , check none of your tubes are loose .

    if all ok, try tapping the preamp tubes one at a time with a pencil - if you get noise with one or more tubes - note which and replace.

    if you get it tapping poweramp tubes - the amp will need rebiased when they are replaced.
    get tubes from hotroxuk or watford valves...not ebay.