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    My first post!
    Hi there, I'm looking for any musically inclined folks interested in getting together with newly formed grunge-focused band Fortunes Fool. Core components are currently very necessary, we've had a guitarist and drummer already but they fell by the wayside with other commitments. Current line up includes two creative and capable vocalists.

    We're heavily into the alternative scene and our influences can be found mainly in Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam, Soundgarden to a lesser extent. We're looking to start with a few jamming sessions and see what we can put together, play a few covers and maybe delve into live performances and our own material, depending on how stuff goes.

    As mentioned in the title, this advertisement applies to guys and girls in Limavady or nearby. We dont care what age or sex you are as long as you're mature, you're enthusiastic, and willing to play and have a good time.

    If interested, please send an email to this address:

    Or if you've got MSN feel free to add me on there and we'll have a talk about getting together to play and see what you can do. Cheers!

    Fastfude band link: http://fastfude.org/band.php?id=1529