1. avatar falldownali
  2. avatar twistahluck
    those weekend courses look grrreat
  3. avatar Weeaimz
    Many of the courses are now sold out! Move quickly if you want to get your place on Radio Production, Rock Music, Music Production (Rock), Advanced DJing, Aerosol Art, Free Running, Street Theatre and learning to drum carnival styleee in Live Percussion.

    Also there is now a special offer on the Stand Up Comedy, Garage band and Ableton short courses. With each purchase of a short course you get free tickets to see experts of their trade strut their stuff. With Stand Up comedy you get free tickets to Wil Hodgson and Paul Sinha, When you get a place on garage band you get to see Micachu and the Shapes, and Ableton you get to see Freeland.
  4. avatar thepostboxtheory
    Can you pay for the trans:mission gigs at the door?
  5. avatar Nocarsgo
    Ah feck, I was going to get my Journalism course thing on Friday. :(
  6. avatar jenniemcc
    Aye, you can pay for gigs on the door