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  2. avatar JTM
    These Numbers Have Faces "exists to confront generational poverty in South Africa by providing college scholarships for youth in the township of Gugulethu."

    Freaking amazing name for a band as well.

    Who are Girls Names? This looks great.
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    I like Panda Kopanda and I like the Benjamins and I like Before Machines. Yay!
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    [quote:fd8ba7440f="JTM"]Freaking amazing name for a band as well[/quote:fd8ba7440f]Isn't it, keep wishing I'd thought of it first..
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    P.S. I'll get stage times up later in the week, but you should all get down for all of this, some of the most creative, exciting bands in belfast right now, all in one night
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    Stage Times:

    9.15 - Girls Names
    10.00 - Before Machines
    10.45 - The Benjamins
    11.45 - Panda Kopanda
    12.30 - Panama King's DJ Set

    Get down for the start, hearing positives about Girls Names, and Before Machines haven't played in a few weeks so we're chomping at the bit
  8. avatar ryan_stone_cowboy
    This gig will be phenomenal - see you all there!
  9. avatar luke
    oh yes, four of my favsies in one night.
  10. avatar clss_act_00
    Superb night, great turnout. Panda's were especially awesome
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    Just to update everyone, from what I've heard from the guys running it something like 700 quid was raised on the night, all going straight to the education program. I think that's pretty sweet

    More of this sort of thing!