1. avatar the dirty weed
  2. avatar sassyjam
  3. avatar Selling Blood
    wicked. this day next next week. can't wait.
  4. avatar the dirty weed

    10pm; Glissando
    10.45pm: BEW
    11.40: Mi Ami

    Cheap Thrill DJs until 1.30am
  5. avatar dodgi stereo
    BEW + Friends.
    Extra players for a few songs.
    Bonus saxophone and bass.
  6. avatar distracted
    Excellent, really looking forward to tonight's gig, especially as I finally get to see/hear BEW live for the first time. Not particularly looking forward to an early start in the morning though [img:837da925a5]http://forums.slizone.com/style_emoticons/slizone/yawn.gif[/img:837da925a5]
  7. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    oh yesh, let this one creep up on me
  8. avatar sassyjam
    this was AWESOME.

    BEW had some sweet beats and Mi Ami just blew me away

    belfast dancers got mad skillz
  9. avatar the dirty weed
    yiss, totally killer.
    mi ami were super loud!
  10. avatar yodaISgreen
    So impressed with the BEW set - roll on next time.

    \my ears are still ringing - menagerie is going to make me deaf.

    Mi Ami were fantastic - its so simple but so spot on. Couldnt help but dance like a maniac. WONDERFUL STUFF.
  11. avatar distracted
    I enjoyed all three bands - pity there was so much noise when Glissando was on though. Great to hear BEW at long last, I wasn't disappointed. Mi Ami was tremendously loud, that Daniel's got some pipes on him. Great night.
  12. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    dang, would like to have been there but seen some pretty good bands anyway...