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    [size=18:948a19309c]BELFAST ART COLLEGE (UNIVERSITY OF ULSTER)[/size:948a19309c]

    The Art College's Studio Bar is playing host to three awesome bands on [b:948a19309c]Thursday the 7th of May.[/b:948a19309c]

    We've tried to cater to a few tastes, as this is being looked at as an end of year show for all the students that worked their arses off this year... (or simply didnt). But the great part is, it's absolutely [b:948a19309c]FREE![/b:948a19309c] and it's open to the public as well as UU students.


    (as you can see, the poster isn't quite correct! our friends We Love Turbulence had to pull out of the show, but very soon after we got hold of a band to replace them :-))

    [size=18:948a19309c]THE RUNAWAY BEARS[/size:948a19309c]

    Opening the night we've got The Runaway Bears, who
    started their adventures in the cold winter of 2007.
    They were looking for something new, something different, a complete different outlook on music.

    The Trio began practicing and writing music together and have not stopped since.

    [b:948a19309c]Al, Brick and Jack[/b:948a19309c] are The Runaway Bears, they continue to produce [i:948a19309c]energetic and experimentally magical music[/i:948a19309c].

    [size=18:948a19309c]Kasper Rosa[/size:948a19309c]

    Kasper Rosa are a 4 piece instrumental rock band from Belfast with such influences as; [i:948a19309c]Intronaut, 65daysofstatic, Explosions In The Sky, Oceansize, This Will Destroy You & Mogwai.[/i:948a19309c]

    The lineup has been through various changes during the writing stages of this relatively new band. But having settled on a solid bassist not 3 months ago, the current 4 members ([b:948a19309c]Ryan McCormick, Steven Butler, David Shannon and James Bruce[/b:948a19309c]) played their first show at the beginning of April and have since played with such groundbreaking bands as Seatle's [b:948a19309c]EARTH[/b:948a19309c].

    [size=18:948a19309c]These Are The Clouds[/size:948a19309c]

    Beginning in 2007 and rebuilding from the mould set by former noise outfit [b:948a19309c]The Nexus[/b:948a19309c], These Are The Clouds are a frighteningly energetic young band, who are out to show the local heavy music scene what live performances can be, and how shows can remain exciting visually as well as musically at the same time.

    Mixed with members of local bands such as [i:948a19309c]The Nexus, Stillbirth, and Redestruct[/i:948a19309c], this band is doing what no-one else on the Irish shores is trying to push for. Combining the superb breakdowns found in any major metalcore act, with the schizophrenic tendencies of [i:948a19309c]Psyopus[/i:948a19309c] and the irregularity of [i:948a19309c]The Dillinger Escape Plan[/i:948a19309c], whilst managing to add epic soundscapes and passages influenced by instrumental rock, classical and choral works, These Are The Clouds pay homage to the acts who they're grown up to respect and who have shaped their musical outlook, into a terrifyingly chaotic act, and not even reaching double figures in number of shows, there is far more to come from this stage-destroying six piece.

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    Oh yes!

    Will defo try and come down to this, These Are The Clouds were brilliant when they supported Genghis Tron. So so good!
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    In addition to the May 7th show, we also have [b:fde79a55bb]Richard W. Crothers[/b:fde79a55bb]... the sexually rambunctious beast behind NI:PODCAST!



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