1. avatar fastfude
  2. avatar clivemcl
    Too right, this would be dead handy if everyone did it!
  3. avatar The Ronster
    Sadly, this seems to be beyond an awful lot of people on here.
  4. avatar rentaghost
    You'll probably find the time it takes to do it is the reason its not done. Certainly is for me!
  5. avatar fastfude
    I did that example in about 2 minutes. If a promoter thinks that's not worth it to better inform and entice the audience, I'd ask why even post at all?

    A quick look on the artist/label website (via Google if need be), last.fm and myspace would provide all the linkage you need to let people go and explore the artists' music.
  6. avatar the dirty weed
    To be honest, I agree with Karen.
    Having to link things in this format for Fastfude etc, then html for elsewhere, and some cr*p for facebook is time consuming.
    I'd hope that decent linkage (band website, myspace, last.fm) might lead anyone who knows their arse from their elbow on to further reading, if required.
  7. avatar fastfude
    But we're talking about [i:cc37d70eba]minutes[/i:cc37d70eba] of effort here, no?

    A bit of extra work, sure, but not exactly sysiphus, shirley? The payoff is potentially more interest in the gig and this more punters.
  8. avatar The Ronster
    I'm with Rog on this one kids - it really isn't much effort.

    That being said, sometimes I think the link colour (ie bright white) doesn't stand out enough from body text on this site.

    It wouldn't be aesthetically pleasing to make it a more garish colour though, so I'll shut up.
  9. avatar Nocarsgo
    Do people actually click on the links, or is it better to paste a quick synopsis of the band?
  10. avatar confetti
    thanks for that Rog, being a little bit thick in the technical dept, I didn't know how to do that and so everytime i tried to put up a link it didn't work.

    I would think if you are getting the chance to advertise for free, you would want to utilise as much of the advert as possible.

    A long review on the band will largely be ignored, but a link to their music could be the difference between 2 people and 200 people turning up at your venue.