1. avatar exmagician
  2. avatar Vee
    can't wait for this..... :)
  3. avatar exmagician
    is bumping frowned upon this weather? :smt011
  4. avatar Joffy
  5. avatar exmagician

    but it's the 9th, not the 10th
  6. avatar Joffy
    Ah balls- ok heres the right one!

  7. avatar exmagician
    shweet :smt023
  8. avatar exmagician
  9. avatar churchwarden
    Stage times anyone?
  10. avatar GerdaTaro
    Actually times would be appreciated, keen to pull off a Wintersleep/Cashier Combo if the Canadians are putting in an early show at Auntie Annies..
  11. avatar bottleofsmoke
    A Wintersleep/Cashier combo would be a fine fine sardy evening indeed.
  12. avatar exmagician
    Cashier onstage around 11pm
  13. avatar Orzo
    So what's happening between 8pm - 11pm?
  14. avatar exmagician
    Black Box Devil Disco Dj's either side of the No.9 set - Funk, Disco, Skiffle, Afrobeat and Electro from a crew of seasoned party-starters
  15. avatar xfirefishx
    Am really loving Cashier No 9 at the moment. Pity I can't get to this. Do they have an album yet?

    Oh okay, sorry just read the first post again - it's on the way!
  16. avatar Orzo
    I think that was the shortest set by a headlining act I've ever seen. What was that, 5 songs or something?
    Admittedly I enjoyed what I did hear and Boom Boom Ha Ha was fantastic live but it was a little blink and miss it.
  17. avatar exmagician
    it was an 8 song set and lasted 40 minutes. sorry if you felt it was short...we heard that from a number of people...more songs next time, promise. great night though!
  18. avatar churchwarden

    It was excellent - but it did appear short (better than it appearing too long :D ).

    I even bought the single at the Black Market today, as I had missed the single launch at the menagerie a few weeks back
  19. avatar GerdaTaro
    Devastated. Mooched about on a Wintersleep high for an hour in the absence of Things To Do That Dont Involve Alcohol then drove across town in a heightened state of anticipation...to learn...rammed, no tickets on door...trudged up Hill Street the saddest girl to ever hold a martini. Every Cashier gig i've been to I've been pre-ticketed up and you could swing a large cat. 'Where were you people on a rainy night in The Empire eh? eh?'
    There's a lesson here of course. i won't be chancin Tesla on the night that's for sure.