1. avatar DavidHill
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  2. avatar iamchrisyouarenot
    hey david could you post a pic of the Marshall MG 4x12 Cab i'd be interested and where are you based?
  3. avatar jonny is an ambulance
    ive got a Korg d1200 if you'd be up for a few trades for it?
  4. avatar DavidHill
    Sorry Fella

    dont really have a need for that... i have an Alesis Multimix8
  5. avatar kinta1
    any more info on the crafter appreciated
  6. avatar DavidHill
    "Kinta1" Check your PMs
  7. avatar Garzo
    I would take the splash my man if its still on the go.
  8. avatar Red Dawn

    can you give me a bit more info onthe crafter please?

  9. avatar Jeebas