1. avatar ziggy
    In your opinion what do you think makes a great practice area? What kind of equipment would you expect? What kind of price and for how long? Anything else you think?

  2. avatar DavidHill
    I reckon you need good light!

    and gear thats in good working order and a PA system!

    its only a practice you don't need your Full stalks and cymbal frames out

    oh and a decent wee mics and stands!

    10er an hour?

  3. avatar izzys_return
  4. avatar Deestroyer
  5. avatar ziggy
    thanks dudes, im trying to set somethin up at the minute but i was just wondering if there was anything else i could be doing to make the bands experince a bit better! thanks for all ur help :D
  6. avatar danbastard
    Decent equipment is a must. By equipment I mean cabinets to whack our heads into, a decent PA with mics, and decent drums... If the drums sound crap then it can be harder to get 'into it', if you know what I mean. Also, I prefer smoker friendly practice rooms!

    I remember a certain Belfast practice room that used to leave sheets of paper out for writing songs and setlists, and a ghetto blaster for recording new songs and listening back to them. Not essential, but a nice touch all the same.