1. avatar Clements
    I've been hooked on the Belfast scene for live music for years, but now I live in Lisburn & I'd like to get out and see a few gigs here too, see if I'm missing out on something. Is there anywhere that people have played that they'd recommend? I'm also hoping to play a few gigs myself, so any info on what the monitors, atmosphere or anything else you feel might be useful to mention, please drop me a line & let me know.
  2. avatar robot_rock
    There's hardly any gigs in Lisburn. Hagues have the odd night for bands but it's not a great venue to be honest. Also, if the council didn't charge a ridiculous amount to play in the Arts Centre, it would be a decent place for regular gigs. But instead they'd rather put their money towards animal cruelty (the Circus),etc.

    There's also the odd all-ages gig at the Cathedral on Castle Street, but it's not very regular either!
  3. avatar ryanego
    Lisburn is run by the type of person that wouldn't give you your ball back if it went over the fence.

    Bizarrely, they don't seem to realise the good that a homegrown, thriving live music scene can do for a city, and therefore make it as difficult as possible for anyone to do anything. The Arts centre is a great venue and I've seen some good gigs there, but even when the small hall is sold out and full to capacity, it's still half empty, which fairly kills the mood. I'm assuming that comes from some typically overcautious, non thought through council health and safety directive, designed to soak up as much fun as possible.
  4. avatar Iso9
    there is nothing good in lisburn. nothing.
  5. avatar fastfude
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    "Are these real bricks? No. This is Lisburn."
  6. avatar Persistence
    Over the summer I'm going to see what I can do to liven up the scene in Lisburn; the sad honest truth is that it's stale. The Arts Centre is a decent venue, but the price for the studio theatre (gig space) rental is ridiculous, they don't promote them well enough (I've signed up to help, but they've ignored me :roll: ), and they wonder why they don't sell, so they stop doing them. The only thing is the space itself is pretty...dire. The acoustics are rubbish, it heats up like a sauna if there's more than 10 people there, and it's pretty shameful.

    To be honest there's so much paperwork involved in organising gigs, the Council would rather leave something that would actually be popular/get kids off the street/actually WORTHWHILE...and do something abstract and stale instead, because it can be dressed up in fancy language for the local paper.

    I swear, this summer I'm starting a campaign for all ages gigs...the issue of young people being blatantly ignored by LCC is another rant for another time, but you only get attention if you binge-drink and fall over on Council property. Lovely people, so they are.
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  8. avatar thepostboxtheory
    Does anyone have a contact number for how to organise a gig at the 'Attic' in Lisburn. I would love to set up a gig there, its actually a pretty cool venue. When its packed out. mojoFURY played an awesome gig there a couple of months ago.

    Please help??
  9. avatar SONI Live