1. avatar diabolikal616
    We are looking for writers who are willing to go to gigs to review them and simply post a review after! You get into the gig for free, so you just need to show up! It's usually a good night, you can either have a listen to the band performing whilst having a good time, chatting with some other cool people or you can just sit at the side and inspect their performance! As well as long you write a review after, you're grand! It's a great way of getting into new music, trust me!

    We're also looking for photographers to help us out, again, simply taking some photos on the bands playing live on stage! Again, in for free, you just need to show up!

    Some acts were featured already are: Maximo Park, Go:Audio and Cancer Bats, but there is alot more coming up so that's why we need people to help out!

    If you're interested and for more information, simply PM me or reply here and I'll get back to you! Thanks a bunch!
  2. avatar isis
    what is this for if you don't mind me askin?
  3. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    in the words of a man (men?) far wiser than I
    "Slave trade, don't get laid
    You gotta get paid if you wanna go places where you've never been before
    O.K Baby, Raah!

    Where you been before, don't matter with me
    Better save your Pennies, Nickels and Dimes
    'Cause we don't work for free, heee
  4. avatar diabolikal616
    It's for our project, [b:8c5ee6bb91]Gigging Northern Ireland[/b:8c5ee6bb91], in which we aim to cover the majority of gigs throughout the country to get the experience of their live show performances.
  5. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    didn't answer my (admittedly roundabout) question. Are we getting paid for this? or is it another 'it'll look good on your CV' job?
  6. avatar anty2
    you get a free gig out of it and write about it

    why get paid? :P
  7. avatar diabolikal616
    @SBG, I'm afraid it's a case of 'it will look good on your CV!' for the moment. We do hope to reward our team in the future when we start producing some funds though. I know what you mean though however as anty2 said, you get a free gig out of it, the chance to meet some cool people and generally have a good time! Build up some contacts as well!

    Remember to PM me if anyone is interested!
  8. avatar isis
    I'm still not too clear what it's for sorry. Is it an internet project? publication?
  9. avatar diabolikal616
    Sorry Isis, it will start off being an internet project with all our work posted on our website - but we hope to grow bigger and develop!