1. avatar jenniemcc
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  2. avatar jenniemcc
  3. avatar belfastcarnival
    can't wait for this gig...
  4. avatar jenniemcc
    Just a reminder that this is coming up soon :)
  5. avatar marshmalla
    This is TONIGHT!!! We'll be wearing our best mysterious faces and glittery eyeliner...

    If you find yourselves wanting a pre Panama Kings party mon down!! ")
  6. avatar jenniemcc
    Yes indeedy :)


    CDs are looking goooooooood

    Stage times are looking like this:

    Katie & The Carnival 10pm
    The Benjamins 11pm

    With Strait Laces Disco DJs inbetween

    Bring yer dancing shoes :)
  7. avatar JTM
    This will punish.
  8. avatar Rocky
    I loved The Benjamins so much last night.

    I've been whining for years that there hasn't been a
    band writing amazing power pop songs since Torgas Valley Reds split.

    But it's the Benjamins!
    I can't stop listening to them.