1. avatar izzys_return
    I host a radio show on www.basementsound.co.uk . It's all online, and the shows are archived. We are always looking new bands to play. Also there is a write up section and forum . All started less than a year ago (june 2008). On this weeks show (Fiday May 1st,6pm) we feature Irish acts:-

    Stone Crow
    Beechwood Avenue
    In The Name Of...
    Hunger's Mother
    Tommy Shots
    Trucker Diablo
    A Theory Of Everything
    Citizen Snips
    And... Assassinate

    So if yer interested tune in, and if you think your band would suit being on the show drop me a line!

    Drink Up With Alan Neill !
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  2. avatar AJ
    Alan you forgot to mention the best part, this show gets 1000's of listeners every week
  3. avatar isis
    Where do we send the CDs into?
  4. avatar izzys_return
    We usually work with MP3 emails. My personal one is izzys_return@hotmail.com or the basementsound one is team@basementsound.co.uk

  5. avatar DavidHill
    Alan you forgot to mention ur support slot with Buck Cherry haha

    Cheers for the Play
  6. avatar AJ
    I heard you got signed too Alan.... when were you going to tell me? :P
  7. avatar LolaDivine
    are you interested in alternative country bands?
  8. avatar izzys_return
    I'm interested in new good unsigned and under-rated music! We are really looking for Hard Rock/Metal/Grunge/Rock type bands but we do not draw a line, maybe you should go to www.basementsound.co.uk and listen to what we have, all my shows are archived for all to hear. One thing is sure though, I can promise that I will listen to everything I get sent, and I can promise that I'll give you my honest opinion. At the end of the day though the final decision comes from those above me if I'm not sure. So if you send me a link to where I can hear songs or send me a song and I'll get back to you ASAP.

    Thanks for all the interest by the way, keep them coming!

  9. avatar swaneeriver
    great stuff alan
    cheers for featuring us!

  10. avatar izzys_return
    Not a problem Mr.Blues

    In the next few weeks we will have a Swanee River driven show, with a few of their tracks being aired!

    www.swanee-river.com (join up here too guys)

    Keep all the requests coming in. Some awesome bandsin Ireland need heard, and with Thousands of listeners each week it can only be a good thing!

  11. avatar izzys_return
    Bump, thanks for lots of bands asking about this.

    Have to state we are a little swamped so lateness in replies I apologise for. Also keep it rock/hardrock/bluesrock/metal Thanks!