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    Sweet Taste are a new Bluesy Rock'n'Roll band based in Belfast/Bangor. We are currently a 4 piece (vox/guitar/bass/drums) but we felt the need for a 2nd guitarist so our bassist is moving onto rhythm guitar and we need a new bassist now.

    Practices are currently in Belfast city centre, Wednesdays 6-10pm.

    Our influences include Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, GnR,Velvet Revolver, Cream, Free, AC/DC,ZZ Top, Whitesnake,Queen, The Answer, Heavens Basement, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallegher, Thin Lizzy, Wilson Picket, The Doors, The Who, Pink Floyd.

    You MUST

    - Be really good on bass. ;)
    - Be 100% committed and not a time waster.
    - Be patient and willing to work as part of a brand new band writing new material.
    - Have similar influences to ours and be committed to playing that sort of music specifically.
    - Have good quality instrument/gear.
    - Be good craic.

    It'd be sweet, but not essential, if you

    - Have previous experience both live and/or in the studio.
    - Can sing.
    - Can take a part in the creative process.
    - Are aged 18-25.

    We have live acoustic demos on our bebo and I have a rough demo I can send to any applicants.


    If interested call me (Niall) 07588079520 or Chris 07969558892.

    Thanks alot in advance,

    Sweet Taste xo
  2. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    age-ist :wink:

    Good luck mate !
  3. avatar niallgraham
    Haha! I was expecting "Greasers!" from yourself og!

    Cheers for the gl mate.
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  5. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    IMHO its infinitely easier to find a competent rhythm guitarist than it would be to find a bassist, so if your bassist is decent why not keep him on bass and grab a guitarist?
    nice tunes also.
  6. avatar niallgraham
    You might be right Jamie, but out current bassist feels more comfortable on guitar. If we have no luck at all here, maybe we'll try that. Cheers
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  8. avatar slash
  9. avatar niallgraham
    All sorted.

    Thanks a million to everyone who replied.

    ST x