1. avatar thesacredhearts
    Bit of a weird way to ask a question but i know Tony doesnt post on the site much so i thought id ask those that have used them.

    Just wondering roughly how long the turn around time is on an valve amp service and valve refit given Tony does it as a hobby? And also how much monies we would be talking?

    Need my gigging amp serviced and turned around quite quickly for a number of shows ive got coming up.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. avatar unleashedjohn
    I'll say to Tony to give you an estimate, he'll need a detail of the work required.

    Tony is a gent, easy to deal with and certainly not expensive for the level of his knowledge and quality of repair.

    If you feed him enough he'll even turn up at gigs with his toolbox to repair amps blown during the soundcheck.
  3. avatar thesacredhearts
    Hahha. Funny enough, thats more or less what happened at the weekend. More or less after a minute or so playing the clean channel started to distort and get strange noises coming out intermittently. The valves also seemed to be running very hot.

    Its a Fender Hot rod deluxe with sovtek valves i think. The amp hasn't been serviced in all the time ive had it (nearly 5 years) and has been gigged alot and travelled with me to England etc with no flight case. It would be a full service and new valves for good measure. I'm not real expert on amps other than i know they need better looking after than i generally give them!

    If you could pass those details on that would be very much appreciated!
  4. avatar PocketPromise
    could someone PM us tony's contact as we have a big muff original pedal that needs some surgery.

    or email stopgomusic@hotmail.com

  5. avatar scumbag
    you could give a tube amp to some eejit and have an @rse made of it, or you could leave it with tony and do without it for a week and get it back perfect.........its a no brainer.

    i trusted tony with a very expensive point to point wired head and he was a gent to deal with . leaving a tube amp with marcus, matchetts or emporium is madness when you have a guy like tony hamilton at your disposal.
  6. avatar unleashedjohn
    I've emailed Tony to draw his attention to this thread. If he hasn't responded by Saturday, I'll be seeing him then and can remind him to drop in.