1. avatar miss-jesi
    Hi there, I need to organize a charity gig in around mid-June, at the minute I am just looking around for possible venues. Problem is I need a venue that would allow under 18's in [however nobody would be under 16]. So the question, does anyone know any venues of such sort?

    I'm in the Armagh area, so anything close by is a bonus.

    Also, it was suggested to go ask about using the Studio Theatre in Armagh, is that a good idea or a bad one? :lol:

    Cheers for any info and help, much appreciated.
  2. avatar miss-jesi
    Hopeful bump? :(
  3. avatar Persistence
    The only ones I can think of are in Belfast and Lisburn,

    The Oh Yeah Centre and The Black Box are good, but I can't think of anything Armagh specific. Sorry :oops:
  4. avatar miss-jesi
    Ah Lisburn isn't too far away, could deal with that!
    Do you know whereabouts in Lisburn?:)

    Cheers for the info :D
  5. avatar Nocarsgo
    There's always The Magnet Centre in Newry? Bit of a distance but apparently a great place.
  6. avatar miss-jesi
    Ah I didn't know about there, thanks!
    Newry is only about 20 minutes away from where I live, so it's not too far away.
  7. avatar Big Homeless
    Lisburn arts centre, there beside the river, great venue, do's all ages, I'm sure thats where persistence was also talking about.
  8. avatar miss-jesi
    Fantastic! Thanks also for the link, much appreciated! :)
  9. avatar SITH_creations
    Might be worth checking out the AMMMA Centre in Armagh, they do alot of work with the Arts Council regarding music projects for kids, and they run concerts in Armagh Theatre across the road.

  10. avatar miss-jesi
    Aah cheers for that :D