1. avatar niaker
    The award winning [size=18:380141cc5d]Rural Key Music Project[/size:380141cc5d], run by those clever people at [size=18:380141cc5d]Glasgowbury[/size:380141cc5d], has its annual showcase this Saturday night.

    Each year the project offers acts both locally and further afield to come together, learn and grow from their experiences all the while leading to a giant showcase at the end of the year!

    This year's students include: [b:380141cc5d]The Q / Shauna Tohill / John Gribbin / Junior Johnson / Oonagh Clarke.[/b:380141cc5d]

    The acts will take part in the showcase at the [size=18:380141cc5d]Cellar Bar in Draperstown[/size:380141cc5d] this Saturday night with doors at [b:380141cc5d]8pm[/b:380141cc5d].

    [size=18:380141cc5d]Here Comes The Landed Gentry[/size:380141cc5d] will cap off the night in true headlining fashion!