1. avatar lightsinthesky
    Hey guys, been a long time since ive been on this, had personal problems and the such and have been out of the whole scene for a long time. but whatever you dont need bored with this shizer

    Anyway, looking for a new band, as im sure there must be a group of people out there somewhere who is fed up listening to the same emo, scremo, creamo, indie-o bullshit that is fed through nearly ever speaker in every good pub when there is a gig night on.


    I have a few influences but not too many cause i think that might take away from the originality of it all

    Influces would be...

    Corosion of conformity

    As you can tell its very southern trend, anyways get back to me at cityofangels_2@hotmail.co.uk or alternatively just hit me up with a PM on here

    Thanks for reading guys hope to hear from some o yall soon