1. avatar Kristam Moffett
    ok - i dont know if he is like indian or pakistani or whatever, but its the shop that sells like, bongs and skins and band tee's and stuff. has anyone experienced this guy?

    literally if I (or various people i know) try to walk into the shop he either screams "GET OUT" without any explanation or simply baracades himself at the doorway... its totally fucked up and mysterious and hilarious

    anyone know about this?
  2. avatar silvercord
    Ive heard of mates tell the same story, ill try and find out
  3. avatar the_doctor199
    [quote:99282ce087="silvercord"]Ive heard of mates tell the same story[/quote:99282ce087]

    I've been told by quite a few people too, never known why he does it though.

    ps slightly racist thread title? :lol:
  4. avatar Brendy
    Haha! Mate me and my mates have been going on about that mad kunt for years. He has the outside of his shop mic'd up, so he can hear what you're saying outside! Go into his shop and listen. We've stood outside on numerous occasion and hatched fictional plans about drilling through the roof and sh1t to rob his store when the in-shop is closed for the night etc.... the endless fun you can have. He probably slept in the store for week on that one occasion. He refused to sell my mate those herbal tablets once for absolutely no reason, ha ha! My mate was actually in his smart work clothes at the time and looks quite respectable so its not like we're a bunch of hallions. Shrewd business man or what!! His heads full of wiped-out weasals.