1. avatar silvercord
    whats your views on Placebo's new song. Its up for free download on their site. I think the new drummer fits in nicely, any fans?
  2. avatar fopp
    I lost interest half way through listening.
    Maybe I'll give it another go later.
  3. avatar Durty Rocker
    I think its shite, I just can't stand that chicks voice LOL!!!
  4. avatar merten_4_mcguffin
    new album is great
  5. avatar critic_al
    this is great stuff, bright lights and ashtray heart are particular highlights
  6. avatar the_doctor199
    [quote:51691380bc="merten_4_mcguffin"]new album is great[/quote:51691380bc]

    I finally got around to listening to the album today. Battle for the sun isn't that great, but the rest is fantastic.