1. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    Anybody have a camera for sale?

    Possibly like a Canon PowerShot S5 IS...or similar

    Please email to numbnutsounds@gmail.com
  2. avatar RedLikeCrimson
  3. avatar Bileofwood
  4. avatar FaeriBex
  5. avatar clivemcl
    I have a fujifilm s5600 looking a new home.

    Not SLR, but has a lot of functionality...


    PM me if u want!
  6. avatar Numbnut Sounds
  7. avatar PocketPromise
    Might consider selling a pentax K10 dSLR - Cost 450, but would sell it for a wee bit less as I upgraded recently..


    Have a look..
  8. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    cheers for the emails...sorted now thanks