1. avatar deadonmusic
    After so far having big successes with Legends nights down in McHugh's for Springsteen, Cohen, Bowie and Dylan we're now going to be tackling the back catalogue of Joe Strummer, solo, with The Clash and with The Mescaleros.

    There are still a few places left on the bill for this. All styles of bands and solo artists considered. Give us a shout if you want to play!
  2. avatar Enixs
    Where is the gig sorry?


    Check us out and PM me if you'd like us to play :D

  3. avatar deadonmusic
    Sorry yeah I should've said the gig is on 22nd May and is in McHugh's basement (that's McHugh's in Belfast not the one in Drogheda!!)

    Most bands that have played our legends nights have done five or six tunes by the respective band. You'll get reasonably well paid if enough people come down and it's always a good atmosphere!

    That's about it.
  4. avatar Siouxsie Tremolo
    Tony ASIWYFA would jump over himself to do this but he'll be on tour on 22nd :(
    Shoul be fun!
  5. avatar deadonmusic
    Hey Andy here from deadonmusic, the Strummer gig is actually on Friday 29th May not the 22nd as previously mentioned. We would love to have Tony down for this one.
  6. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Axis Of would probably be well up for it, Ewen is a massive Clash fan. Gonna tell him about this.
  7. avatar sláine
    TEAM FRESH would love to be involved in this
  8. avatar Enixs
    Team Laser Explosive would defo be up for this but we dont want paid. Just a chance to play would be pay enough.

    Team Fresh...Team Laser....Axis Of That would be leathal!
  9. avatar deadonmusic
    Sadly Axis Of can't play as they're not all in the country. I'm working my way through a list of bands and hope to have got back to everyone by the end of the weekend.

  10. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Ahaha Ewen never said anything about this after I texted him about it!

    But yeah, Joe Strummer (especially Clash) done Team Fresh style would be the bomb!
  11. avatar sláine
    how's this sound?

    Magnificent 7
    i'm so bored with the usa (hip hop style)
    overpowered by funk
    police on my back
    bhindi bhagee (mescaleros)
    armagideon time