1. avatar fopp
    My mp3 player is a bit rubbish and non-existant. So I'm thinking of going out today to become part of the iPod generation. Wow.

    Does anyone think it's worthwhile paying the extra mulah to get the touch one? Would there be any point in holding off for a while? Does anyone care? Any help is much appreciated.

    If this is in the wrong forum, please change it. I'll apologise and will wear a sack for a while*.

    *I won't really wear the sack.
  2. avatar I'mDead
  3. avatar finbarmc
    I have a touch.. I highly recommend it.

    The downsides for me were less battery life and smaller capacity (32gb compared to about a zillion on the classic ones).

    In then end though I couldn't resist - its more than just an iPod. I use it more for surfing than I do for music. Its packed full of stuff really.

    If you can get over the downsides its defo worth it, although I'd read around the blogs online to make sure that they aren't launching an updated model in the summer - if they are it'd definetly be best to wait.
  4. avatar fopp
    I'm not normally too decisive, so this should be interesting.

    After reading this, and looking around google's internet, it looks like there might be flashy stuff coming out in the summer like you say. Although, I can't really be doing without music anymore, so I might just go ahead and get one of those nanos for now. Looks like there are some refurbished ones available at the mo (but maybe they always are, I dunno).

    If anyone else has an opinion, throw it into the pot. Ta very much.